A look inside America's current Pandemic, and how it affects different Genders. 

Differences in Sex and Gender, and how each is affected by COVID-19.

When talking about the ideas of sex and gender, often times people can get the two mixed up, with one's gender being strictly male or female; when in reality, sex is the traits a human being possesses in which identifies them in the categories of male or female (for example, genitalia). Gender on the other hand, 

 is what a person identifies with themselves, whether that be conforming to society’s expectations on gender normativity or not. Between those who identify themselves between men and women, those types on the gender spectrum have  been studied to how they handle the pandemic. Studies done on official pages such as WHO, have reported that men are 20% more likely to catch COVID-19 compared to women. Researchers have also found many reasons as to why that is. Women have been more cooperative when it comes to the rules of COVID, such as wearing masks, whereas men are more stubborn in that regard, and choose not to. There are theories as to why that is, and one of my own is that many men don’t like being told what to do, and rather enjoy being their own boss, while women don’t see the regulations that way, and prefer to be safe than sorry. COVID-19 has also become a topic for politics, and the more conservative side is leaning towards not taking proper regulations as opposed to the progressive side. Conservtive sides (such as republican) often time are what men lean towards as women tend to lean more progressively. 

The photo above is of a female Chinese nurse being used as a means of propaganda in order to promote nationalism among the Chinese people to band together amongst COVID-19; instead, the picture had gotten backlash, as it showed clear signs of sexism. A photo which has since been deleted, showed a group of female nurses in tears and holding up the communist salute as their heads were being shaved. They were standing next to their male counterparts who were also doing the salute, but their heads were not shaved. This sparked anger among the country and the outside world as the women were clearly doing it against their will. “Stop using women’ bodies as propaganda tools.” many social media networks would cry out. Ever since the Coronavirus pandemic, China has received a lot of backlash from foreign countries about how they handled the crisis, and it is only getting worse with how they shove their citizens into the spotlight in hopes of gaining approval from the outside world, only to in turn get even more hate with how unbalanced China treats their frontline workers helping to fight the illness.   https://www.ft.com/content/6fdaa854-5798-11ea-abe5-8e03987b7b20
Here is my submission for  my creativity prompt:   youtube.com/watch?v=UdbJv5iykbo