Week Four Journal Prompt: My Perception on Gender

Posted by naomi.namnam39 on November 22, 2020 at 2:40 AM

My view on gender hasn’t changed much. When I was younger, I used to only believe in the main Binary of Man and Woman. As I grew older, I learned there is much more to gender than I originally thought. I slowly began to learn about transgender people, and wht that was, which was only a gateway door to the many other identities out there. I’m still a bit confused about things regarding gender, for example, the difference between non binary and genderfluid, but I am trying my best in order to understand so I don’t offend anyone and to respect their life. I would also like to use my information to discover my own gender identity, as I have found out whilst talking to my friends that I may not be cis. There are days where I would like to be a man, but not all the time, and I am very interested to hear more about what it could be. I also know that gender plays a big part in one person’s sexuality. A person identifying as one gender, but attracted to the same, different, or multiple genders are also important in one’s life. Society tends to overlook small details such as this, as it is assumed everyone is heterosexual, but now with all of these sexualities and genders, there should be more to do with them, such as representation and sex ed.


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