Week Nine Journal Prompt: Feminism Readings

Posted by naomi.namnam39 on November 24, 2020 at 9:25 PM

For my week nine journal prompt, I chose to read “Us Latina and Latin American Feminisms: Hemispheric Encounters” by Edna Acosta-Belen and Christine E. Bose. In the article, the authors talk about how Latinx feminism has risen out of politics such as having ties with the United States. Politics in feminism basically go hand in hand even when it shouldn’t be. Feminism tends to lean on the left, progressive side of things, while right leaning politics tend to want to keep women from breaking traditional gender roles. The journal then goes into detail about discrimination the US has put on Latina feminists, and women of color in general. One of the topics being brought up along with feminism being LGBT rights. These two arguments have almost always gone hand in hand as everyone wants their share of equal rights (and so they should), and it feels like the patriarchy has a stranglehold on these two specific protests in which the people participating have to fight even harder for what they want. Finally, The journal goes into depth about how different types of feminism are looked at around the world, and that fighting for the right to vote or wanting to work outside of home isn’t the only problem a woman has to face. Many women around the world, for example in third world countries, often fight for their lives, such as being stoned for cheating or showing indecency. I already knew this about feminism and as a woman living in a first world country, it is almost unimaginable for me to think women are still living like that.


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